Your New Favorite Podcast

BREAKING NEWS: Live from Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Beginning today, the Undrafted Free Agent will be rolling out a weekly podcast in collaboration with 22807 magazine. The show will focus primarily on James Madison University athletics and D.C. sports, providing insight to national stories when we see fit.

Hosted by Mike Ferrante, each week we’ll delve into a new topic from a non-traditional angle. If you can find the story on ESPN’s bottom line, you won’t hear it on Sunday afternoons with us. Our goal is to blend sports with media and pop culture into unique stories for you all to enjoy.

With national signing day in the rearview mirror, our first show takes a look at each of JMU’s 21 signees. Alongside co-host Griffin Harrington, Mike discusses each player’s presence on Twitter and loosely relates it back to how they’ll perform on the field.

Bear with us, it’s the first attempt at a podcast by two guys who’ve never done so before. While we can’t guarantee it’s perfect, we can guarantee we had fun with it–and we think you will too.

Give it a listen, and keep an eye out for the weeks to come!

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