Every Rose has its Thorn…

…for Derrick, it’s the inability to stay on the court.

Since his 2010-11 MVP campaign it’s as if Rose’s knees have disappeared. Maybe it’s wear and tear after years of exploding to the rim. Maybe it’s bad luck from the basketball gods above. Regardless, the days of marveling at what he was have given way to the days of wondering what he could have been.

Severity unknown, a torn right meniscus is the culprit this time. The same one that put an end to his 2013 season. While an athlete’s least favorite two words, “season ending,” haven’t officially been uttered, it’s all but inevitable.

It feels like a cheap joke. Like déjà vu all over again. But as I got home from work late on Tuesday night, reality sank in. My phone sat next to my bed illuminating every few seconds as app after app notified me of the catastrophe in Chicago.

The Bulls aren’t dead in the water just yet, though it feels that way. They sit third in the underwhelming Eastern Conference. Budding superstar Jimmy Butler has emerged into a true leader. Pau Gasol has been stellar since the move to the Windy City, averaging a double-double and swatting over 2 blocks per game. Role players like Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Aaron Brooks will see extra looks to help carry the load. Hell, Rose had been good this season but far from outstanding.

It doesn’t matter. Chicago is devastated. They’ve gone from a favorite to win the East to a saddened squad looking for hope. Their golden boy relegated to the bench one again.

It’s unfair. Unfair to the fans. Unfair to the Bulls and the city of Chicago. Most importantly, unfair to Rose.

Alas, the season goes on. Feel better, Derrick.

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